How the Church Lost The Way ... (available now)

The Church has lost so much that was in the original Church of the Apostles, in terms of belief and practices. This book shows what was lost and how it was lost. More ...

How the Church Lost the Truth ... (available now)

Many truths held by Jesus and His apostles have not withstood the test of time. This book examines why the modern Church believes what it believes. More ...

To Life! Rediscovering Biblical Church. (available now)

Are you a little fed up of the Church today? Do you ever get the feeling that something is missing or wrong or both? Have you ever asked the question, where does the World end and the Church begin? Has it always been so confusing? More ...

To Life!

TO LIFE! by Steve Maltz

"This is the hardest book that I've ever had to write. It's the final book of the trilogy (after 'How the Church lost ...') and was always going to be the book that tries to supply the answers to the questions posed in the other two books. The intention was for it to have a positive tone, in content, design and even in its title, to encourage neutrals to pick it up and read (very few 'neutrals' were happy to do so with the other two books!) This new book has been written for the wider church, to be read by those who need to see changes in their lives and their church as well as those who want to see changes."

Please come to the book launch on the 21st, if you are in the area (East London).

I will be speaking this Wednesday at the Lydia Fellowship Intercessors conference. A little bit daunting .....

You will be able to order the new book in just over a week's time.

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SALTSHAKERS.COM proudly presents a seminar:

“Roadblocks on The Way”

The story of how the Church survived 2,000 years of contra-flows, dead-ends and diversions. How was the Jerusalem Way diverted to Athens? How did the narrow path become a superhighway? An absorbing, entertaining and different look at Church history.

A free seminar by STEVE MALTZ

At Pilgrim’s Hall, Ongar Rd, Brentwood CM15 9SA on Thursday April 7th at 7:30pm

This is a taster session for the full series of seven seminars at Pilgrim’s Hall from May 5th, entitled: Church: Lost and Found: Rediscovering Biblical Church

To register for this or the full series, email Steve at or phone 020 8551 1719


SAFFRON PLANET PUBLISHING proudly presents a book launch:

“To Life! Rediscovering Biblical Church”

Launching the latest book in the “How the Church lost ...” trilogy by STEVE MALTZ.

A day of seminars by STEVE MALTZ, CHRIS HILL and BERESFORD JOB, with refreshments, resource tables and a Q&A session at the end. Admission free.

At Clayhall Baptist Church, 62 Harewood Dr, Ilford IG5 0PH on Saturday May 21st at 10:00am – 4:00pm

  • A fresh look at the biblical church of the first apostles.
  • An analysis on what happened to that church.
  • An honest appraisal of the Church today.
  • Can we ever return to the biblical church of the first apostles?

For more information, email Steve at or phone 020 8551 1719

Available books

God's Gap Year

Click here to WATCH VIDEO.

Part 1 of a series of short films on "How the Church lost The Way ... and How it can find it again" by Steve Maltz. This film is titled: God's Gap Year

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Went to a fantastic conference yesterday - held at London School of Theology - Israel & The Church. A packed hall heard papers from a bunch of eggheads (each one holding a Ph. D or equivalent!), including Richard Harvey, Barry Horner and Darrell Bock. I'd like to share with you the conclusions of Mitchell Glaser (head of Chosen People Ministries), when speaking of his suggestions for the future, in regard to the ongoing debate on Israel between "Christian Zionists" and "Supercessionists". He advocates - a balanced approach, dialog not diatribe, respect not recrimination, greater theological precision and speech seasoned with grace. Amen to all that and all good stuff for me as I write the third book in my trilogy!

Will be speaking this Saturday at Pardes - Hebraic Teaching Day - at The Centre for Biblical and Hebraic Studies, Moggerhanger Park, Bedfordshire MK44 3RW. The day starts at 10am and I'll be speaking twice in the morning, with Clifford Hill speaking in the afternoon. I'll have plenty of books with me if you're interested. More at - click on the link on the right hand side.

How the Church Lost The Truth ...


It should have been so simple. There was the Bible, God’s authoritative and complete word for mankind. His gift to us. One volume of sixty six books in all, from “In the beginning” to “amen”. One basic message. Choose Life, He said. So what did we do? We chose … denominations, 38,000 of them. One book, thousands of interpretations. Snake handlers in Kansas, Prosperity teachers in Washington, Liberationists in El Salvador, Gay Bishops in New Hampshire, New Age rectors in London. They all claim the Bible as their inspiration and rulebook. Once this book is opened, why is it that folk seem to see different things? One book, one message, one Babel. How come? Where can the Truth be found or has the Church lost The Truth? This explosive book tells the whole sad story of what actually happened to the Church over the last two thousand years and how it managed to lose its focus and take on so many ideas from Greek philosophy that Christianity has just become a melting point of truth mixed up with very strange ideas.

Prepare to be challenged to the very core of your faith.

AVAILABLE NOW FOR £10 / $US15 / €17


Seen on TV ...

Jewish Voice

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Steve was interviewed by Jonathan Bernis in their studio in Phoenix, Arizona in February 2010

Touching Lives

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Back in 2006, Steve appeared on Revelation TV, interviewed by Martina Moh.

How The Church lost The Way ...


Tackling the ‘uncomfortable truth’ for the Church, this book packs a heavyweight punch in a lightweight package. With great clarity and style the author explains how the Church has been strangled by its past and how the faith in Jesus Christ was infiltrated by pagan ideas from Greek philosophy that have remained to this day. This book exposes and explains how this affects our understanding of the Bible, God, Church and everything in-between. In this provocative, entertaining and encouraging book, we will explore our true roots and discover practical keys to move forwards.

WARNING: This book changes everything and will severely deepen your faith! This is probably the most important book you will read this year


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The Truth is Out There


We love intrigues and mysteries, don't we? Conspiracies are big news. The media industry loves them because we love them, but how much truth do they represent? Don't you want to know what really is going on, who really is pulling the strings in our World today? Wouldn't it be a refreshing change to be presented with the real truth? Is history just a random sequence of events, or are there secret manipulations? What makes us tick? How did the World as we see it come to be? In this short book we will be delving below the surface of our existence on this planet, glimpsing at the possibilities beyond the daily routines of just getting on with life. The conspiracy we uncover has tentacles in all spheres of human life, so where it leads we will follow. We will be taken into areas of science, history, human behaviour, popular culture, religion and little green men. Read this book if you are prepared to be challenged.

The Ultimate World Conspiracy. Who really is pulling the strings?


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Jesus, Man of Many Names


Are you prepared for a new book about Jesus that does offer fresh insights without boasting new revelations? Drawing on sources from the Jewish world, ancient and modern, the author will take you on an exhilarating, lively and entertaining exploration of the life and times of the Jewish Messiah. This book has already changed the lives of Christians of all backgrounds and denominations by providing a surprising, refreshing and fresh view of Jesus the Messiah. In this journey you will meet the Memra, the Angel of the LORD, Yeshua ben Yosef, the Christ, Bar Anash, Yeshu HaNotzri, Mashiach ben David. What do they all have in common - they are all names of Jesus, used by different people at different times - even by Jesus himself. When was the last time you picked up a book on theology and read it from cover to cover? This could be the one.

The most illuminating book on Jesus in recent years.


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The People of Many Names


This book pulls no punches in providing an insight into God's plan for the Jew, Christian anti-semitism and includes practical suggestions for reconciliation within the Body of Messiah.

This is a lively, entertaining and provocative introduction to the People of Many Names, from early beginnings in the Old Testament as the Children of Promise and a Kingdom of Priests, then as the people of Galut (Exile), where they were denigrated as Christ killers, Dhimmis and Conspirators of Zion.

Towards a clearer understanding of the miracle of the Jewish people


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